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Alaimo & Boyer can assist you in all aspects of your divorce, legal separation, or nullity action, from initial pleadings through final resolution via settlement or trial. At every step of the way, we counsel you on your options, help you weigh the pros and cons of each step, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Temporary spousal support is calculated early in the divorce proceeding to ensure both parties maintain the marital standard of living. The Court considers the obligor’s ability to pay, and the obligee’s need. Long-term or ‘permanent’ spousal support is set at the conclusion of your case, and is calculated differently than temporary support. The Court is required to review Family Code § 4320 when ordering ‘permanent’ support. After your divorce is finalized, in most cases either party can request a modification of spousal support. Whether you are pursuing temporary support, setting permanent support, or modifying support, Alaimo & Boyer is ready to assist you.

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Child support is set based on a statewide formula. While this may sound very simple, the figures you input into that formula make a significant difference in the calculated support amount. If you need to set initial child support, feel you pay too much in support, receive too little, or just want a professional to review your case, we can walk you through every possibility to ensure your child support obligation is calculated properly.

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We are experienced in all areas of child custody and visitation proceedings, including obtaining initial orders, modifying existing orders, move-away cases, and cases involving complex issues such as child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, or domestic violence. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to custody and visitation matters. From parents that have a full agreement and simply need to memorialize the terms, to heavily contested cases that require expert testimony, parenting coordinators, or psychological evaluations, we have the experience, skill and, resources to help you navigate this complex area of law.

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Property division is not as simple as merely dividing everything equally. When items were purchased, what the source of funds was, and how the items were financed or paid for can impact how assets should be divided. Frequently, people are unaware of separate property and reimbursement claims they may be entitled to. At Alaimo & Boyer, we assess every possible separate property and reimbursement claim to ensure you understand every right to which you may be entitled.

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Domestic violence restraining orders provide a layer of protection for victims of domestic violence, by prohibiting the perpetrator of domestic violence from making any contact with the victim. Additionally, restraining orders can have profound effects on child custody, visitation, and spousal support proceedings. Due to the significant impact of a restraining order, it is unlikely that a case involving a restraining order will be settled informally. In prosecuting or defending a domestic violence restraining order, it is important to understand how the law defines domestic violence, and what must be proven to prevail. At Alaimo & Boyer, we understand all these nuances, and successfully represented clients through trial of contested restraining orders.

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An appeal is when a party requests the Court of Appeal to review the trial Court’s orders, to determine if any errors were made. A writ is when a party requests the Court of Appeal take emergency action. There is a common misconception that a trial Court order can be appealed merely because one party is unsatisfied with the outcome. On the contrary, in order to prevail on appeal, you need to establish that the trial Court made an error of law that impacted the outcome. To pursue or respond to an appeal typically requires extensive legal research and briefing, to ensure that your case is properly framed. At Alaimo & Boyer, we have been successful at the Court of Appeal, and can review your case to help determine if an appeal would be appropriate.

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Whether you are represented by counsel or self-represented, and struggling to reach agreements in your family law matter, having the assistance of a third-party neutral can make a significant difference. Frequently, one party will refuse to make reasonable concessions to resolve a case. Having a third-party mediator may help bridge the gap, so your case can be resolved informally without the need for a costly, time consuming, and emotionally draining trial. At Alaimo & Boyer, we are thoroughly trained in mediation techniques that help parties resolve disputes informally when possible.